22 December 2014


Wearing - Dress: Rue Stiic, Hat: ASOS, Boots: Glassons, Shorter Necklace: Lost Lover via Turquoise Lane, Longer Necklace and Round Ring: Shantique Designs, Pointer Ring: Grace Bijoux

It's always fun to play dress ups and shoot photos with other bloggers. I follow so many bloggers and find so much inspiration from what others are doing. I love constantly being inspired, especially by woman who are finding the time to get creative in life and do something they love. 

These shots were taken by one of my biggest inspirations, Helen from Gypsylovinlight. We love getting together and switching up roles by getting behind the camera for a change. 


21 December 2014

Silly Season

Wearing - Playsuit: French Connection, Cuff and Crystal Ring: Native Riot, Round Ring: Embella Jewellery, Heart Ring: Ichu Jewellery

Things are always a little crazy at this time of year. Shops are madness and the roads are busy. There are only a few more sleep now until Christmas. I am hoping everyone is still remembering to find a little time to really enjoy the holiday season. Christmas is such a magical time and it always flies by. So remember to take it all in while it's happening. 

Here's to managing the rest of the Christmas shopping, wrapping and food preparation and always allowing ourselves some downtime to enjoy a cocktail or wine.


3 December 2014


Wearing - Tee - Spell Designs via Lexi and Roy, Skirt: Paper Heart via Scarlet Fashion, Hat: Seed Heritage, Necklaces: Lost Lover Store and Grace Bijoux

Summer is officially here!! YAY! I have been eagerly awaiting summer this year. I am already spending my days relaxing by the ocean or pool and having picnics in the park. It's a beautiful time of year. What makes things even more exciting is that as of last week, I am officially done with uni for this year. So happy to be on the long summer break and have more time on my hands for the fun things in life.


29 November 2014


Wearing - Crop -For Love of Lemons, Skirt: Res Denim via Scarlet Fashion, Shirt: Some Days Lovin via Scarlet Fashion, Bag: Mochila Bags, Necklace: Minc Collective, Rings: Jolie and Deen, Ashley Bridget Co. and Grace Bijoux

This amazingly bright bag has quickly become one of my go-to bags lately. I love the pop of colour it adds to my outfits! This Mochila bag was hand made in Colombia using natural resources. The quality is outstanding and it is the perfect size for an everyday bag!

I wore this outfit last weekend. I spent the afternoon out in Fremantle checking out the markets and grabbing lunch at the Raw Kitchen. I love spending time out in Fremantle. It's always a nice change of pace down there. 

13 November 2014


Wearing - Shirt: Some Days Lovin, Shorts: One Teaspoon, Hat: Rhythm via Scarlet Fashion, Necklace: Shantique Designs, Bag, Rings and Bracelet: Embella Jewellery

I did a few quick snaps of this outfit before some sundowner drinks at Soda Sunlounge the other week. The sunsets have been incredible lately. I love being somewhere coastal to enjoy watching the sun go down. It's always extra enjoyable with a cocktail or two involved!


5 November 2014


Wearing - Dress: Some Days Loving, Short necklace and matching rings: Ashley Bridget Jewellery, Cuff: Ohm Boho, Bracelet: Pfyt Collective

Throwing on a simple, easy dress is the best! I love having a collection of pretty dresses to throw of  for spring and summer. I'm constantly in and out of pools or the ocean, so I love having an easy outfit to take on and off during the warmer months. 

I have been getting so excited about how hot it is getting lately. I wore this dress a few weekends ago when it was supper sunny and warm. I went out and made the most of my day by enjoying a morning coffee and walk along the beach.  

30 October 2014


Wearing - Kimono: Gypsy Warrior, Top: ASOS, Leggins: American Apparel, Bag: Spell Designs,  Hat: Dotti, Boots: Glassons, Bracelet: Mila and Ruby, Rings: Spell Designs and Gypsy Warrior

How AMAZING is this kimono. I feel like I haven't taken it off since I received it. It has such a pretty floral print with a moon on the back. It has officially become one of my new wardrobe favourites along with this Spell Designs bag. I had my eye on it for a long time and managed to snap it up from their recent sale. Very happy!

I wore this on a Sunday while catching up with some friends and visiting some farmers markets in Perth. Thinking back to that day gets me excited for the upcoming weekend and all the fun things I have planned, starting with Halloween of course! Not long now!