28 January 2015


Wearing - Watch: WeWood Australia

I am definitely a watch person. I love wearing an awesome watch to complete an outfit. Lately, I find myself constantly putting on my wooden watch by We Wood. I absolutely love everything about this watch and when I found out more about the positive environmental footprint in which the We Wood company promote, I was even more excited!

As if the watches aren't already amazing enough, We Wood also plant a tree for every watch purchase. How incredible is that! That watches are made from recycled and reclaimed timber. They have a range of wicked designs so be sure to head on over to their website to check them out.


27 January 2015

Love Them

Wearing - Tank: In The Soul Shine, Shorts: Mink Pink via Transit Clothing, Shorter Necklace: Krystle Knight Jewellery, Longer Necklace: Matters Speaking, Rings: Midsummer Star & Milly Borkovic

It's been nearly two years now since I stopped eating meat. I am currently still eating seafood so I am classified as a pescetarian. I could go into a lot of detail about the reasons why I stopped, but I would be writing forever. I will say though, that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and even though I still have some changes to make, I have never felt better.

I was so excited to come across this amazing tank on instagram and I fell in love with it immediately. I only got this last week, but I have been rocking it all the time since I received it!  

I also need to take a moment to mention all this amazing jewellery featured. I am seriously obsessing over all these amazing silver pieces. 

"Love them, don't eat them"


21 January 2015

Cyber World

Wearing: Playsuit: Spell Byron Bay via Turquoise Lane, Bag: Anakara Indonesia, Hat: Asos, Necklace: Samantha Wills, Rings: Native Riot and Milly Borkovic

Unfortunately I've had no internet for the past month, hence the lack of blog posts! It's crazy how much we rely on the internet these days. Even though most of the time, it was super annoying, it was actually nice to have a little break from the cyber world for a while. It makes me dream of having a proper break soon before uni goes back. Maybe heading down south for a little road trip and no technology!

But for now I'm glad to say that I have the internet back and you will be seeing a lot more blog activity in the next few weeks! 

These shots were from a little while ago when I spent the day with family who were here for the Christmas period. How amazing is the colour of this bag! It's insane!


8 January 2015


Wearing - Bodysuit: Some Days Lovin, Shorts: One Teaspoon, Choker and Cuff: Desert Wanderer Designs, Quartz and Buffalo Necklaces: Shantique Designs

I love having a few pretty floral prints in my wardrobe. Even though I wear them the most during spring and summer, I find that these prints are something that I wear throughout all the seasons. 

This floral bodysuit is a piece that I have been wearing a lot this summer! It's so easy to throw on with shorts and hit the beach, which is where I have been spending all my free time lately, as usual. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Year break. Wishing all of you a wonderful 2015.